SotD Dart in Head

Almost done with degree


And then I'll have another worthless degree! Yippee!

In related news: I'm graduating magnum cum laude (or however you spell it), part of the Anthropology Honors Society, an Archaeology graduate (golden trowel on a string), and recipient of the Rigoberta Manchu award (the Anthropology department's highest award). I'll post a pic of me with all that crap on after the graduation ceremony on Saturday.

In related news....

I wants to draw the EoW wallpaper so badly. But I have finals to do. Sadface.
EoW Dean with Halo + Horns

EoW Ideas

I can has comic ideas?


I wanna draw but I can't think of a good one. WHINE.

Commence talking, peeps. Maybe something will stimulate.

Sigur Ros Jonsi Green


OMG my computer is finally wiped clean!

I got this nasty spyware that constantly popped up an immovable window saying "Protect your computer from spyware: buy this anti-spyware now!". It popped up EVERY. FIVE. MINUTES. Needless to say, I am fuckin' eccestatic that it's now GONE. It only took downloaded three antivirals/antispywares and running a Complete Scan of My Entire Computer in Safe Mode. 2 Hours of no computer = one bored Jovi.

But now it's fixed. And I am dancing little dances in my hallway. *Dances*

SotD Winchester Tavern sign


Hey everyone!

I'm just trying to get my last two months of school over with, so I can be a recent grad (again) and jobless! (YIPEE!)

Believe me, the last few episodes of SPN have given me quite a few gems of EoW ideas. Like Sam in that tiny cubicle. OMG. Instant one-panel. And the Gospel of Chuck, or Chuck the Prophet (I think I like the latter better). GEM. Hehehehehehehe. Or anything with the angels. I haven't drawn Anna. *sadface* But I still really want to do a wallpaper with EVERY CHARACTER in EoW form on it. It may just explode my head, and yours too. Or maybe just four wallpapers, one with every charcter in each season. Or maybe I'll just let ya'll vote. YEAH, I LIKE the voting idea.

I'm on Spring Break so I MAY be able to shoot out a tiny comic. I have some anthropology research project to do, plus a video game project that's starting up. Meh. My life is too busy to make excuses. Just PILE IT ON! *game face*

Hope ya'll have been well. Hell, more than well. FANTASTIC. I am looking forward to your hellos and cattle prods to do the comic. I think I like it rough. *winks*


Just publishing a random idea.

A sci-fi comedy of low-budget proportions...


The epic misadventure of the experimental spaceshuttle mission "CP Origins Study" Project, designed to probe into the origins of the antimatter-matter ratio split at the beginnings of the big-bang. Unfortunately, at launch, the new quantum engine goes awry, and the crew of seven is flung into some unknown part of the galaxy. Their daily struggles are our amusement as they try to figure out what went wrong, what relationships arn't right, and bang their heads against the problem of survival versus politeness versus scientific inquiry versus space issues. And we're talking personal space issues. Very tight amounts of personal space. Like, really, a

Can. Of. Sardines.

And every episode will begin with the captain waking up and blearily stabbing at the intercom
, asking the same question: "Are we there yet?"

Replied by an annoyed, "No."

So: comments? I want to figure out the characters of the seven crew members and embroil them in very human impulses. Because scientists having to balance mental functions versus bodily functions/impulses? Hilarious.

SotD Dart in Head

Shaun of the Dead Icons!

I have re-found my utter adoration with Shaun of the Dead. I think I may love it too much. (The fact they take shelter in the Winchester Tavern does not sway me one bit. It sways me lots of giggly bits. Because when I think "shelter from the impending zombie apocalypse," I think "Winchester"-brand pubs.)

I may also have a minor crush on Simon Pegg.

(If you don't know what Shaun of the Dead is, I'm ashamed of you. Go rent it and indulge.)

For everyone: 35 icons from Shaun on the Dead.

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