kentawolf (kentawolf) wrote,

Commissions Part 2

Hello again! Commissions are open for another round. Think about it: an image to accompany your fanfic! You know you want it!

All paid through Paypal.

Cartoon sketches (lineart) - 2-4 dollars
Realistic sketches (lineart) - 4-6 dollars
Full page finished cartoon style (up to 3 characters - additional characters extra)
---->(lineart and colored in with shading) - 10 dollars
---->(with background) - 20 dollars
Full page finished realistic style (up to 2 characters - additional characters extra)
---->(lineart with shading) - 20 dollars
---->(painted) - 30 dollars
---->(with background) - 40 dollars and up (depends on complexity)

Printing (glossy paper) - 6 dollars
Shipping - varies by zip code
Tags: commissions

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