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The Wolf's Lair
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fuck you up
Favorite Yoga Pose: Plow

Least Favorite Yoga Pose: Half Moon/Twisting Half Moon
It doesn't look like it but !!YOWCH!! (It's because you've already been in that lunge for about 6 poses by now, and your front leg/leg on the ground feels like it's about to break in half.)

Yoga Move That Looks the Coolest and I Want to Do the Most: Crane
(I'm on the very tips of my toes on the ground with Crane)

What's everyone's favorite, least favorite, and aspirational yoga move?

12th-Nov-2009 09:55 am - I'm going to MONTREAL.
Sigur Ros Jonsi Green
26th-Sep-2009 10:40 am - Halo: ODST
Dean Gun Porn

Halo: ODST's car alarms are just like ours. It's heartening to know 550 years in the future they still haven't figured out a car alarm that would make anybody give a shit that a car was being stolen.

Totally enjoying hearing Nathan Fillion, Tricia Helfer, Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk voicing Halo: ODST characters. It's like Geek Glee everytime they talk.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

11th-Sep-2009 01:15 pm(no subject)
EoW Dean with Halo + Horns
Is it odd that I'm waiting for Misha to twitter further on his Epic Horseback Cupcake Battle with P Diddy?
10th-Sep-2009 10:39 pm - SPN 5.1
fuck you up
SPOILERS, obviously.

Short reaction.Collapse )

20th-Aug-2009 11:00 pm - I WANTS.
SotD Dart in Head

From the people who brought you "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance Now With Ultraviolent Zombie Action!"

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters!!!!!!!11!1!
31st-Jul-2009 05:24 pm - Commissions Part 2
Sam Summons Ruby
Hello again! Commissions are open for another round. Think about it: an image to accompany your fanfic! You know you want it!

All paid through Paypal.

Cartoon sketches (lineart) - 2-4 dollars
Realistic sketches (lineart) - 4-6 dollars
Full page finished cartoon style (up to 3 characters - additional characters extra)
---->(lineart and colored in with shading) - 10 dollars
---->(with background) - 20 dollars
Full page finished realistic style (up to 2 characters - additional characters extra)
---->(lineart with shading) - 20 dollars
---->(painted) - 30 dollars
---->(with background) - 40 dollars and up (depends on complexity)

Printing (glossy paper) - 6 dollars
Shipping - varies by zip code
1st-Jul-2009 08:30 pm - Commissions?
SotD Dart in Head
So I'm opening up paid commissions for artwork, paid through Paypal, if anyone is interested.

I'm thinking of $2-4 a sketch, and starting at $10 for a full-blown illustration.

I also do woodburning, or

29th-May-2009 10:34 pm - Why?
angry dean
Why must scratching a mosquito bite make it worse? By all logic of the link between pleasurable feeling = getting better, scratching must help it heal. Why must it LIE.
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